Daily Tone Practice

Practicing tone or long tones should be an integral part of daily practice.  So how do you keep yourself engaged day after day playing long tones?   I have five different types of exercises that I use to keep variety in my practicing.

The first book I use is Marcel Moyse’s De La Sonorite published by Leduc.  I pick one exercise from each of the tone sections each day.

The second book I use is Paul Edmund-Davies’ The 28 Day Warm-up Book published by Paul Edmund-Davies.  This book has seven sonority exercises, so I play one each day.  I add the upper octave to each of the exercises.

The third book I use is Trevor Wye’s Practice Book for Flute, Book 1 Tone published by Novello.  I pick a couple of long tone exercises from each of the middle, high and low register sections and then a melodic exercise from each.

The fourth exercise is an octave leap followed by a descending half step all the way to the bottom of the flute and then ascending half steps to the top of the flute register.   I cresecendo through the leap and then taper the last note.

The fifth exercise is a descending and ascending chromatic patterns in the dynamic extremes.  I play first fff then repeat ppp while watching the tuner to make sure the pitch is consistent.

Please keep checking back for more videos.

The three publications discussed can be ordered through Carolyn Nussbaum at www.flute4u.com.

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