In the studio staying cool

It sure is hot here in LA, but I have been spending all of my spare time in lovely air conditioned studios! I started last week in Burbank at Matt Snyder’s studio recording Thirty Solos for the Intermediate Flutist published by Last Resort Music. Daniel Kelley did all of the arrangements and he is playing piano for the album and sounds fantastic. Steve Kaplan is recording it and I couldn’t be happier with the sound! If you are still not sold, Sandy Kipp and Steve Kaplan are producing it. Their incredible ears and musical minds help take the album to an new level. On Monday, Alison Bjorkedal and I started recording our Christmas album at Joachim Horsley’s studio. We couldn’t have picked a better sounding or more scenic studio for this album. The flute and harp sound terrific in the space and the views of Los Angeles from the studio are inspiring. Both of these projects should wrap up in August so stay tuned for release information.

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