Forty Little Pieces

Forty Little Pieces in Progressive Order, Practice Tracks

Jenni Olson, flute  Fureya Unal, piano

As a flute teacher I often use Forty Little Pieces for my students.  I have always felt that it is important for students to have a good concept of sound.  Even the simplest piece should be played with exquisite sound and musicianship.  I recorded the pieces in stereo so the student may hear only the flute/piano for study purposes. This is a great tool for all aspiring flute players as well as an enjoyable listening experience for all.

This album was produced by the amazing Sandy Kipp.  Please check out her website.

Track List

1. Ah! Vous Dirai-Je, Maman
2. Little Piece
3. Gavotte
4. Humming Song
5. Menuet
6. Melody
7. Menuet
8. Soldier’s March
9. Scotch Dance
10. About Strange Lands and People
11. Waltz
12. Minuet
13. Aria
14. Arietta
15. Ariette
16. Little Dance
17. Andante
18. Gavotte
19. Minuetto
20. Minuet
21. Country Dance
22. Menuet
23. 23. the Reaper’s Song
24. Little Piece
25. Menuet of Mr. Duport
26. Menuet
27. Andante
28. Adieu to the Piano
29. Allegro
30. March
31. Allegro
32. Polonaise
33. Menuetto
34. Gavotte
35. Andantino
36. Moment Musicale
37. Musette
38. Bourree
39. I. Sonatina
39. II. Romanze
40. Serenade


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