Jenni Scott (Self Titled)

Jenni Scott (Self Titled)

Jenni Olson, flute with distinguished guests

Talented composers at the University of Southern California inspired my first album Jenni Scott.  While in school, I was frequently asked to perform on composer’s composition recitals and student films.  I fell in love with collaborating with gifted composers.  This album is a collection of some of my favorite pieces that I had performed during my years in school with some of my favorite musicians.  The album also includes my first commission, Three Pieces for flute, accordion and double bass by Bear McCreary.

Track Listing

1. Shiny Kiss by Alex Shapiro
2. Three Pieces for Trio, Typewriter Two-Step by Bear McCreary
3. Three Pieces for Trio, Interlude by Bear McCreary
4. Three Pieces for Trio, Misterioso by Bear McCreary
5. Suite for Piccolo and Piano, Movement 1 by Daniel Kelley
6. Suite for Piccolo and Piano, Movement 2 by Daniel Kelley
7. Suite for Piccolo and Piano, Movement 3 by Daniel Kelley
8. Cameo for flute by Henry Mancini arr. by Mike Scott
9. M.jay by Mike Scott
10. Bachianas Brasileiras, Aria by Hector Villa-Lobos
11. Bachianas Brasileiras, Fantasia by Hector Villa-Lobos
12. Embers of Agni by Steve Gates
13. Coraggio by Christopher Caliendo
14. Mama Knows by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson


Jenni Olson Scott
Bear McCreary, accordion
Mike Valerio, bass
Daniel Kelley, piano
Mike Scott, guitar
Myka Miller, English horn, oboe
Juan Carlos Jimenez, percussion
Jamey Tate, drumset
Damian Montano, bassoon
Phil O’Connor, clarinet
Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon
Danielle Ondarza, horn


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